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How to Sell More Whiskey Part 2: Direct to Consumers (Video)

If you own a distillery and want to be successful selling more of your whiskey, this video is for you. Industry sales & marketing expert, Ben Salisbury, goes into details of how to be successful selling whiskey direct-to-consumers. He covers all the major points distillery owners must optimize if they want to sell all the whiskey they make every year - consistently and profitably. Once you have fully optimized sales at your distillery facility, it is time to learn how to sell online and there are six different ways you can do it. All six ways are outlined in this video. Selling direct-to-consumer can be intimidating and a bit overwhelming but it need not be. All you need is an experienced "guide" who knows the ropes and can teach you how to do it. Ben can be that guide for you!

If you haven't yet, be sure and check out part 1 which is all about the mindset for success selling whiskey. 


00:12 Introduction
00:36 This video all about how to sell direct to consumers!
00:48 The 3-part "formula" for optimizing sales (optimize one level at a time)
01:45 Make a list of competitors you admire and visit their websites to see what they are doing
02:11 How many states can I sell DTC to?
02:52 The six things you should have on your website to optimize DTC sales
05:24 Examples of 3rd party software companies for supporting your DTC sales efforts
06:26 How to drive traffic to your website
07:02 The seven reasons email marketing should be your top priority
09:53 Some of the other things you MUST do to drive more traffic and enroll more email subs
13:22 Wrap up
13:50 Invitation to check out our group coaching program called Wine Sales Stimulator

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