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How to Sell More Whiskey Part 3: Having Success in the 3-Tier (Video)

In this final video in the three-part series, sales expert Ben Salisbury explains how to be successful in the three-tier world of distributors. Things have changed a lot in the last five or six years because there are so many more spirits brands on the market and so few distributors. And this “ratio” of brands-to-distributors gets worse every year. Small, medium, and large distributors all have the same problem. Too many brands to sell! This video will help distillery owners separate the facts from the myths when it comes to having the right expectations. Knowing what you can expect and not expect from a distributor will save you many hours of work and thousands of dollars in wasted spending. Be sure and watch the first two parts of this video series if you have not already. We have provided all the links you need for additional training as well. Enjoy the series!


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00:12 Introduction
00:34 The Current Reality
03:00 3 Ways to Play the Game
07:52 Generate Demand
10:18 Wrapping it Up

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