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We Teach Wineries and Craft Distilleries How To Increase Sales

Ben Salisbury

Ben Salisbury, Founder/President

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The Only Group Membership Program that Provides EVERYTHING Winery and Distillery Owners and Executives Need to Know to Grow Sales

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If you are not selling as much as you would like to sell, we need to help you remedy that.

Some of the challenges you may be facing:

✔️ Increased competition (wineries, distilleries, breweries, meaderies, etc)
✔️ Distributors not performing to expectations
✔️ Disappointing e-commerce sales
✔️ Not sure how to budget for sales & marketing and where to spend it
✔️ Receiving advice from “industry experts” that may or may not be correct
✔️ Not sure how to leverage social media and digital ads


Live Private Training Replay


How great would it feel to KNOW:

🍷 EXACTLY what to do to sell more wine/spirits!

🥃 Where to go to get ALL the correct info, training, and advice

🍷 The ONE PLACE to learn, ask questions, get answers, and a supportive community

🥃 Have 24/7 access to continuously updated industry sales & marketing knowledge

🍷 A work-at-your-own pace environment where you go could as FAST ⏩ or as slow ⏸️ as you want 


Live Private Training Replay


Wine Sales Stimulator (larger)

A Private Membership Program

For accelerating wine & spirits sales

Live Private Training Replay

Wine Glasses on Table

Member Benefits Include

  • 24/7 access to thirteen different classrooms covering EVERY topic you need to sell more
  • Two weekly live coaching sessions
  • A way to ask any question and get a fast response
  • A private community of like-minded winery & distillery owners and managers
  • Receive timely feedback on your work/progress

Live Private Training Replay

The Wine Sales Stimulator Classrooms

Each topic is covered in great detail by subject matter experts. Move around the classrooms as needed OR follow a “curated” learning path

Organic Social
Best practices for managing your presence and your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
Modern Sales Approach
Moving away from a transactional, product-first sales approach to a more customer-centric one
Digital 3-Tier
How to leverage this NEW channel of trade!
Distributor Management
How to work better with distributor partners
Email Marketing
All about mastering the #1 weapon in your arsenal of sales tools

Everything you need to optimize your website for SALES!
CRM is more than just software. It's a disciplined process essential to selling more wine/spirits!
Key Account Targeting
Not all accounts are equal. Not even close! Find and focus on the richest on/off-premise targets!
FB/IG Advertising
Build a solid foundation of skills in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising
Sales Team Strategy
Expert training on sales team design, hiring and training a high-performance sales team
Lead Generation
Powerful, scalable tools for finding consumers and trade buyers to grow your email lists
Wine & Spirits Direct
How to unlock the huge potential of selling direct to major retailers
Direct to Consumers
How to fully optimize your e-commerce sales

Live Private Training Replay

The Coaches

Members will have live access to these coaches every week. Members have the opportunity pre-submit questions on any topic important to them



CEO Perspective
Modern Strategies
Thought Leadership



Digital Advertising
Email Marketing

Live Private Training Replay

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The Community

Members get access to a private Wine Sales Stimulator networking group, powered by Mighty Networks, where they can ask questions, talk to other members, get feedback on progress, and more!

Mighty Networks 1
Mighty Networks 2
Mighty Networks 3

Live Private Training Replay

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Ben Salisbury - Wine Sales Stimulator

Ben Salisbury, Founder

  • Industry Veteran
  • Thought Leader
  • Tech for Sales Expert
  • Speaker, Writer, Trainer, Coach

“The Wine Sales Stimulator private membership program is the culmination of not only the last 8 years of my consulting experience (helping wineries and craft distilleries accelerate their sales) but of 38 years of industry experience in wine/spirits sales & marketing. It’s ALL here now in ONE PLACE!”

Live Private Training Replay

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Who is this Membership Program For?

Winery Owners

Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams, Owner, Davidson Wine Company

Distillery Owners

Lee and P.T. Wood

Lee and P.T. Wood, Founders, Woods High Mountain Distillery

Industry Executives

Jessica Starry

Jessica Starry, Fine Wine Sales Professional

Live Private Training Replay

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Wine Sales Stimulator Overview:

🍷 Wine Sales Stimulator is a group membership program that provides winery and distillery owners and executives the training they need to grow sales.

🥃 The program includes online classrooms, a private networking group, and weekly live coaching sessions.

🍷 The self-paced training modules cover twelve topics relevant to increasing sales.

🥃 The content is continually updated to provide members with the most up-to-date wine and spirits sales and marketing training.

🍷 Members pay a monthly fee and have access to the classroom content, live coaching sessions, and group discussion forum for one year with an option to renew.

🥃 The program was designed by renowned wine and spirits industry expert, Ben Salisbury, and is the only training program of its kind.


Live Private Training Replay

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Live Private Training Replay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I access all of the classrooms right away?

A: Yes, after checking out and signing your contract, you will automatically receive an email with your credentials to access EVERYTHING.

Q: How long will I have access to the program?

A: The Wine Sales Stimulator membership is a 12-month program.

Q: Can others from my team have access to the program?

A: Your 12-month membership fee includes up to 3 users

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: We do not offer refunds but we will be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a personal tour of the program to help you in your purchase decision.

Q: When are the coaching weekly live coaching calls?

A: Both calls take place at 1:00 PM Eastern every Tuesday, and Thursday. All calls are RECORDED for replay later.

Live Private Training Replay

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What You Get

  • Access to 13 In-Depth Classrooms
  • A Community of Students & Instructors
  • 2 Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Personal Support from Ben + Instructors
  • Access to All of the Above for 1 Year

A contract will be sent after checkout. Please sign and return within 48 hours.

Live Private Training Replay

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Hear from a Few of Our Community Members

Live Private Training Replay

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Live Private Training Replay

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