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About Wine Sales Stimulator

The leading training course for Winery and Distillery Owners and Executives
The complete online guide to accelerating sales

About Wine Sales Stimulator

Wine Sales Stimulator is a group membership program providing winery and distillery owners and executives the training they need to grow sales. The program includes online classrooms, a private networking group, and weekly live coaching sessions. The self-paced training modules cover twelve topics relevant to increasing sales. The program was created by Ben Salisbury, an established expert in selling and marketing wines and spirits. Ben has more than 38 years of experience and has worked as a sales executive for some of the largest global companies including Constellation Brands. Ben and his team of experts have helped more than one hundred clients improve their sales success. Their client list includes some of the most recognized brands.

About Ben Salisbury

Ben Salisbury is a consultant, coach, content creator, public speaker, thought leader, subject matter expert, and entrepreneur for the wine and spirits industry. His expertise in sales and marketing strategy accumulated over four decades working with some of the largest adult beverage companies in the world including Ste Michelle Wine Estates and Constellation Brands. His approach is to disrupt the status quo of how wines and spirits are marketed and sold, to challenge outdated practices, and to provide innovative solutions to help wineries and distilleries sell more products. Ben is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, creates original content on his blog and YouTube channel, and has contributed articles to the Wine Business Monthly.