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How to Sell to Key Accounts (Video)

This video is for winery owners, distillery owners and sales executives. Just as important as knowing how to FIND key accounts is knowing the right way to approach them. The "old school" way of selling is dead. No one wants to sit and listen to you blather on and on about how great your wine is. There is a BETTER way to sell and that is to move away from a transactional, product-focused approach and move towards a buyer-centric, relationship approach. This is game changing stuff! In this no-nonsense video, Ben explains exactly why and how to approach selling wine and spirits in a new and more "modern" way. This vide builds upon a previous video where Ben demonstrated how to research and target key accounts to be sure and watch that video, too. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have and we would love to hear YOUR COMMENTS!